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1. Serum creatinine and urea started reducing after four months of homeopathic treatment in a hopeless case of renal failure. Parents are happy to think that probably she will not go for further dialysis.
2. Again and again one and half years of Ramdev's treatment and yoga is proved to be ineffective in treating Kidney failure. testfile2 homeopathy helped when Ramdev's pranayam and yoga for 30 years failed in keeping a person healthy.
3. A hopeless patient of Diabetic nephropathy started improving under homeopathic treatment too fast. He is an insuline dependent diabetic patient whose kidneys started damaging very rapidly then he became a hypertensive also. His elder brother found the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment when he was ready to kidney transplantation. His serum creatinine level started decreasing rapidly just within 5 days.

Danis from USA says something about Dr Goyal.

Kidney Problems

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I am medically graduated from SN Medical College Agra in 1981. I am having 12 doctors (from modern medicine) of different specialty in my whole family. I am the only one who went to London for doing diploma of homeopathy; this shows my keenness to be a homeopath.

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