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Danis from USA says something about Dr Goyal.

My husband is a Medical Doctor in the United States and was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (Kidney Failure in both kidneys)- secondary to Lupus Nephritis. He was immediately placed on Kidney Dialysis after almost dying in a U.S. hospital in February of 2008. His creatinine was 80 and his BUN was 49. (Normal Creatinine= 0.5–1.7 mg/dl and Normal Bun= 7 - 25 mg/dl)

After being on Dialysis his creatinine went down to 14 and BUN went down to 47....still too high. He had also stopped urinating (he just had very little dribbles of urine). We consulted with some of the BEST medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, homeopaths, herbalists, nutritionists and energy healers (that I could find in the United States and abroad). But, none of them were able to help improve his condition.

I cried out to God one night as it “looked” like my husband’s condition would never improve. I continued to search and read about Dr. Goyal on a few websites, so I emailed him. Thankfully, he began treating my husband immediately and my husband’s creatinine and BUN started to decrease within a few days to a week’s time! After just one month of treatment my husband’s Creatinine went down to 8 and his BUN became COMPLETELY NORMAL at 14!!!!! He ALSO began to urinate again!!! His laboratory tests are consistently proving that millions of his glomeruli and kidneys are functioning again and we can ONLY PRAISE GOD for this! We were told by many health experts that once dialysis starts you cannot stop. I refused to believe this and I was happy to have found cases in my research that have proven that this is not true! We believe that he too will be able to stop dialysis soon as his ENTIRE body continues to heal and his lab values become normal.

We THANK GOD that Classical homeopathy (AS PRACTICED by Dr. Goyal), IS REAL, MIRACULOUS, POWERFUL and AMAZING! I believe and know as a former U.S. Medical Student that Classical homeopathy (and I can only speak highly of Dr. Goyal because he is the one we are using), is truly working for him. I cannot say this enough…..Dr. Goyal’s treatment has BEEN an INCREDIBLE BLESSING to us.

Furthermore, with Dr. Goyal’s treatments my husband does NOT have to adhere to a strict diet, although he still follows the dialysis diet (at least for now).

Perhaps MOST IMPORTANTLY, he has ENERGY, AWAKENS REFRESHED, and LOOKS and FEELS GREAT! I pray that this testimony helps someone the way we were helped after reading about people recovering from kidney failure with Dr. Goyal.

Also, for anyone who is searching for genuine help for their kidney failure or any other ailment for that matter, please know that you only fail when you stop trying, or you stop searching for the answer.

May all of you who are searching for answers to a serious health crisis never give up in obtaining your answers too.

Be Encouraged!
Dani Strain

Dr Goyal's Comment............unfortunately they have left my treatment.... though I hope they are happy and healthy and I pray God they all should be happy and healthy!!!!!

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