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Classical Homepathy

Classical homeopathy means homeopathy with Principles
"Classical" homoeopaths attempt to identify the single medicine that corresponds to a patient's general "constitution" a complex picture incorporating current illness (physical and mental), medical history, personality, behavior and family history. We call it as Tailored medicine - Two patients with identical conventional diagnosis may receive very different homoeopathic medicines. As you know same strategy cannot be adopted to control the terrorism in all the victim countries, in the similar way Homeopathic medicines are based on the individual personality trait and behavioral reactions. Mental attitude, living style and environmental modalities indicate the specific medicine for a patient.

So there is no fix set of medicines for any ailment.
It is well known that many homoeopathic medicines are ultramolecular that is, they are diluted to such a degree that not even a single molecule of the original solute is likely to be present. Because of its minuteness no one can feel its physical presence; it has only been felt by the sick person to whom it is being made or it is suitable to that particular person.
Few patients say that we are costly doctors but you should know that Homoeopaths' consultations for chronic conditions include an extremely detailed case history. Patients are asked to describe their medical history and current symptoms. Homoeopathic consultations in private practice may last over an hour.

A patient's initial symptom picture commonly matches more than one homoeopathic remedy, and follow up allows the practitioner to make an empirical judgment on whether a particular remedy was the correct one to prescribe. If the patient is doing well the practitioner may stop treatment and monitor progress. If symptoms recur the treatment may be repeated at the same or a higher potency. If the symptom picture has changed at follow up a different homoeopathic prescription may be given even though the conventional diagnosis remains unchanged.

Homoeopaths also treat a substantial number of patients with ill defined illnesses .. These are the functional disorders where homeopathy scores, very high. Some of my colleagues ask me how could I am doing so well? I say every homeopath can do the same work provided he follows the pure Hahnemannian (classical) homeopathy. unexpectedly I am able to manage the patients even in terminal stages and having too advanced pathological lesions even in lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, Eyes, uterus, ovaries, Psoriasis etc....

Any system of therapeutic (treatment method) can be judged on the basis of its basic criteria, such as...

1. Is it effective?
• For all age group (neonates to oldest person). Homeopathy is the best of all treatments here.
• In emergencies, Homeopathy can deal certain emergencies very well
• Can it be used in all diseases? Can your system of therapeutic is equally effective in toothache or earache or epileptic fits in? (Yoga, nutrients etc. can not be used in such conditions). Homeopathy is the ideal.
• Is it effective in accidental cases also? Homeopathy can be used up to some extent.
• Is it effective in infectious diseases such as malaria; typhoid; meningitis, TB etc? Yoga, herbal preparations etc. are useless in such conditions. While Homeopathy is the best here also.

2. Is it safe?
If it has some side-effects then it could not be used in children or in pregnant ladies. Allopathy has very well known for its side effects and Yoga has very limited scope in all ages and in pregnant females while Homeopathy has no such limitations.
3 Is it too costly?
If it is costly then it cannot be used at large. For an example - A person can be kept on ventilator for a long time but it is not an easy treatment for majority.
4 Is it simple to use or is it complicated or troublesome? For example, medicinal treatment is always far better than any surgical treatment. Homeopathy is the most simple in its use.

Whether it has to be adopted for life long or it will make you free from the disease one day. (Such as you can never give up supplementary food, similarly allopathic treatment for diabetes or hypertension would never make you free from the disease as well as its medicines); in the similar way Yoga is not a treatment but it is a life style that you have to be adopted for life long. While Homeopathy has no such limitations.

Ultimately we find homeopathy is the only therapeutic system which fulfills all the above criteria. Actually it works through the genes. That’s why it is useful in all the named or unnamed diseases; in all ages even it can correct the foetus in the bomb. In real sense classical homeopathy does the genetic engineering (but no one can believe) that’s why it is equally effective in genetic diseases also.

Moreover, homeopathy is the only available treatment system that can predict the fate of a diseased person. Homeopathy prescribes the single medicine for all ailments. Simultaneously it treats the basic cause also. It can treat all natural diseases.

Every thing in a person is inherited (transfer via genes); defective immunity is also inherited, and homeopathy works mainly on our immune system and corrects it.

Ultimately we can say that Classical homeopathy is the best - most effective, most safe, most economical with having confirmed results.

Kidney Problems

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We have been treating kidney problems with the help of many homeopathic doctors working with us in a team system. We are doing classical homeopathy (which is best of all) that is based on pure homeopathic principles that is using single medicine at a time and without homeopathic mixers or lequids or mother tinctures 

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